Isolated horizons and near horizon geometries, loop quantum gravity,
CR structures and spacetimes, Einstein equations and the twistor equation

Conference on the occasion of Jerzy Lewandowski's 60th birthday (Jurekfest)

September 16-20, 2019
Department of Physics, University of Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland

photo by Jing Li 


Invited speakers:

Emanuele Alesci
Robert Alicki - Superradiance of quantum fields: From dry friction to black hole radiation
Abhay Ashtekar - Science inspired by 3 decades of interaction with Jurek Lewandowski
Benjamin Bahr - Coarse graining in spin foam models
Fernando Barbero - The geometric exegesis of the Dirac algorithm
Norbert Bodendorfer - Quantum corrected black hole spacetimes from effective models inspired by LQG
Bernd Brügmann*
Piotr Chruściel
Andrea Dapor - Effective dynamics of loop quantum gravity: Bouncing black holes and gravitational phonons
Paweł Duch - Post-minkowskian expansion for pointlike masses and two body problem in general relativity
Maciej Dunajski - Conformally isometric embeddings and Hawking temperature
Christian Fleischhack
Kristina Giesel - Reduced loop quantum gravity with scalar fields
Joshua Goldberg*
Stefan Hollands*
Jacek Jezierski - Geometry of null hypersurfaces
Jerzy Jurkiewicz - Definition of holonomies in the model of causal dynamical triangulations
Jerzy Kijowski - Essence of gravity theory and Einstein's attempts to unify it with electromagnetism
Marcin Kisielowski - On the relation between loop quantum gravity and spin-foam models
John Klauder - The real quantum gravity
Mikołaj Korzyński - Probing spacetime curvature using optical observations
Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman
Felipe Leitner - About the Kohn-Dirac operator in CR geometry
Chun-Yen Lin - Elementary relational observables with quantum reference frames
Jorma Louko
Yongge Ma - Isolated horizon entropy in loop quantum gravity
Edward Malec
Donald Marolf*
Lionel Mason - Gravitational scattering on plane waves and the double copy
Guillermo Mena Marugán - Primordial fluctuations in loop quantum cosmology
José Mourão - Non-uniqueness of quantization, complex time evolution and generalized coherent state transforms
Ezra T. Newman*
Paweł Nurowski*
Tomasz Pawłowski
Sir Roger Penrose
Jorge Pullin - Loop quantum gravity with spherical symmetry
István Rácz
Carlo Rovelli - White holes
Hanno Sahlmann
George A.J. Sparling - The interplay of symplectic and projective geometry in the context of plane wave spacetimes
Jacek Tafel - The Penrose inequality for the perturbed Schwarzschild metric
Thomas Thiemann
Andrzej Trautman

* - to be confirmed


General schedule:

September 15 (Sunday): arrival day,
September 16, 17 (Monday, Tuesday): conference talks (from morning till late afternoon),
September 18 (Wednesday): conference talks from morning till afternoon, then afternoon poster session, and a conference dinner at the evening,
September 19, 20 (Thursday, Friday): conference talks (from morning till late afternoon).

Conference venue:

room #0.06, Department of Physics, University of Warsaw
address: Pasteura 5 street, Warszawa, Poland.

(See for the best up-to-date public transportation planner for Warszawa.)

Online registration:

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    Early registration (< Aug 1, 2019) with conference dinner: 160 Euro
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